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Quite literally, "The LAST webinar program you will EVER need to join." A proven, step-by-step system that has brought in tens of thousands of signups and sales to entrepreneurs just like you. By using our simple, A-to-Z system, you can put an end to your webinar sales struggles so you can FINALLY create the kind of INCOME and IMPACT you deserve.

Rocket with Laptop_WMA_600x495Dear Future Profitable Webinar Host,

If you are an online entrepreneur who has started hosting webinars but are not getting the kind of signups and sales that you know you should be getting, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking to start hosting webinars in your business but want to learn the right way, the “strategic” way of doing so, this is the program you have been looking for.

Maybe you have already tried hosting a webinar and it fell flat.  175 people registered but only 11 showed up and you just spent $800 on Facebook Ads, yikes...

Or maybe you’re getting people to sign up and even show up but you just can't seem to make enough sales.  59 people were on your webinar but only 1 bought....or maybe none!

If this sounds like you, I have good news.  I have been there. I too have hosted webinars that "bombed." But after hosting over 200 live webinars, several worth over 5-figures, I have figured out a repeatable system for getting consistent results.

If you would like to learn about a step-by-step, click-by-click, A-to-Z system for creating, promoting, and monetize your webinars, then read on.

You see, after making my first few thousand dollars using webinars, I was able hit the ground running.  Hundreds of students flowed my way and joint venture partners started approaching me to host webinars for their audiences. I started growing like gangbusters using the power of webinars and partnerships.

If I can do it, you can do it, too, with my support!

In less than a year, I generated enough income to safely leave my healthcare career, as a physical therapist, and concentrate full-time on running my online business. I have been living a life of ultimate freedom while working with amazing people from around the world.

Now, I am eager to share how I can help you take your webinars to the next level, so you can generate the cash you need to create a lifestyle you love. I am excited to introduce you to the Webinar Mastery Academy!

To Your Webinar Success,

Jon Schumacher, Creator of the Webinar Mastery Academy

Who is the Webinar Mastery Academy For?

Two Kinds of Online Entrepreneurs...

1. You are hosting webinars in your business but you aren’t getting enough people to sign up, show up, or buy from you . You are frustrated by the lack of sales and you are worried that your online business is not going to be sustainable in the long run. You are experiencing a lot of ups and downs in your income and you are looking for a reliable way to bring in new clients and customers.

2. You are looking to start hosting webinars in your business but want to learn the right way, the “strategic” way of doing so. When it comes to creating your webinar, you are unsure how to building high converting headlines and registration pages. You don’t know how to structure your presentation for maximum sales. You feel like you will be shooting in the dark.

The Webinar Mastery Academy is for online entrepreneurs who want to feel like that have a consistent revenue source month after month. To finally be able to breathe knowing that your business is going to make it over the long run.

Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

jon schumacher profileJON SCHUMACHER HERE

I have been an online entrepreneur for the past 4 years, launching 5 different brands, in 2 different industries...many of which “failed.” I remember working my full time job as a physical therapist during the day and then rushing home, stuffing dinner in my mouth, kissing my wife, and then frantically pulling out my computer to work for the next 5 hours on my online business.

You see, I wanted FREEDOM more than anything. Freedom to work from home. Freedom to work WHEN I want, with WHO I want, from WHERE I want. Can you relate? I wanted to do something that I was passionate about, helping those I wanted to serve from the comforts of my own home. But I had a problem….

I was creating content (videos, podcasts, ebooks) but they weren’t selling. Certainly not enough to fire my job and live that FREEDOM life. Why? Because I didn’t have an audience. But not just an audience (I was getting lots of video views
and podcast downloads) but an audience where I could have a two way conversation. I didn’t have an engaged email list. I had no way to continually build a relationship.

What Finally Changed?

I realized what I was doing was not working. I was creating all this content but wasn’t building the right kind of audience and certainly wasn’t making enough income.

In the fall of 2014, I decide to start hosting webinars because I heard they “worked.” I started out doing interview style webinars with friends who had bigger audiences.

On my very first webinar, my interviewee, emailed his list and added over 100 new subscribers to my database.

I started hosting webinars (with permission) to a few Facebook groups and added a couple hundred more.

In October of 2014, I hosted my first sales webinar. I had only 30 people attend live but sold 10 spots into my first online program. My first $1,983.36 payday on a webinar.

I then took my webinar to partners whose audiences were interested in my program. The first partner webinar I did added another 400 subscribers and several thousand dollars in sales.

I did another webinar and another webinar. I have never stopped doing webinars.

Today, I have successfully hosted over 200 with several 5-figure webinar campaigns.

I have been able to leave my job while replacing a $100,000 income using webinars to attract clients and sell my online programs.

I am the coauthor of the Amazon Best-Selling book, Hangouts Marketing Mastery: Your Platform to Enhance Visibility, Attract Ideal Clients, and Increase Revenue.

In 2016, I co-hosted the largest online webinar event of the year, the Webinar Mastery Summit, where I got the chance to interview 25 leading experts in webinar marketing.

There were more than 2,800 attendees and the summit generated over $25,000 in sales.

I have personally guided other online entrepreneurs to quickly generate tens of thousands of dollars in online sales using webinars.

It is through the combination of my own webinar experience, the client webinars I have consulted on, and the experts I have studied with, that I have created the most comprehensive webinar learning program in the world….the Webinar Mastery Academy.

Helping entrepreneurs just like you, create, promote, and monetize your webinars so you can create the kind of INCOME and IMPACT you deserve.

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Hear From Actual Students
in the Webinar Mastery Academy

Ellen McDowell

"Now that I am working with Jon I am able to put the pieces in place that I was missing. I experienced success with a few tweaks to my webinar process and additional slides to the presentation. My webinar had a 60% show up rate and I closed 18% of the “room”. The follow-up system Jon presents resulted in deeper relationships and position me as an expert with my attendees."

 - Ellen McDowell, EllenMcDowell.com & OnlineMarketingGPS.com

“Jon's training in his Webinar Mastery Academy is step-by-step. He provides amazing value and really goes way beyond my expectations in terms of the detailed yet understandable systems and templates that he shares.”

- Damian Noud, DamianNoud.com

Damian Noud
Randy Lyman

"I checked out several programs but the Webinar Mastery Academy was the answer I was looking for. It’s completely hands-on and practical.”

- Randy Lyman

"I just finished going through Jon Schumacher's Webinar course and I can say hands down this is the best webinar training on the market. You will discover how to run an entire webinar that sells from A-Z. If you are brand new to webinars or a seasoned pro you will get a lot from this course."

- Jeremy Henderson, ZombieBjj.com

Jeremy Henderson

Why Most Webinar Programs Will Fail

Let’s face it. Most GURUS selling their webinar courses are simply too big to give you the kind of individual attention you need to build a profitable webinar for YOUR specific business.

When these gurus enroll 700-1000 students during their next “launch” you simply get lost in the mix. Another number.

You are left on your own, with no direct support from the experts themselves.

According to best-selling author, Seth Godin, there is a 98% drop out rate for online courses.


Because most programs are just information and maybe a Facebook group. Again, there you are, on your own in a sea of other students.

But information is not enough to make you a successful webinar host.

You need, and deserve more direct teaching, group coaching, and Q&A with the experts.

So you can get SPECIFIC answers to your SPECIFIC questions, about your SPECIFIC business.


Why the Webinar Mastery Academy is Different

The Webinar Mastery Academy is NO info product. It is an intimate school of webinar learning. A complete online experience and group coaching program with three main pillars of webinar learning.

  1. Fast Action Learning Classes: 12 stepbystep multimedia masterclasses, product development worksheets, headline templates, example slide decks, and email swipe copy. All designed to give you a complete fillintheblank
    system to create a professional level webinar campaign.
  2. An Exclusive Online Community: You can ask a SPECIFIC question at your convenience and get an answer within 24 hours (except weekends).
  3. Monthly group coaching, open office hours, and guest expert webinars for continued support and advancement of your webinar skills.
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Aaron Lebauer Headshot

"I have sold over $57,000 of my online programs using webinars this year alone!

- Aaron LeBauer, DPT, Founder of the CashPT Blueprint

“After I started working with Jon I became proficient in webinars in just 2 weeks. At my very first webinar I converted 6 out of 50 people during the webinar and 7 more after the webinar. After my second webinar I converted 11 people. I will soon launch a webinar series to increase my revenue and customer base. I feel very comfortable with webinars, and Jon gave me great tips on how to convert people during and after the webinar.”

- Dora Farkas, Creator of Finish Your Thesis

Dora Farkas_headshot
Tom Sladic_headshot

“I sold $5,516 in online training on a webinar. I am now working on building out my marketing funnel. Best money I have ever spent.”

-Dr. Tom Sladic, TheNaturalThyroidDoctor.com


Introducing the
Webinar Mastery Academy

The Webinar Mastery Academy is an online experience that will teach you the 12 core components of a successful and profitable webinar campaign. This isn’t theory or fluff. It’s not about shiny objects or flash.

This is about teaching you the “fundamentals” of strategic webinar marketing that work, and most importantly, HOW to implement them.

What You Will Learn Inside the Academy....


Module 1 - Pain, Product, Profit: Four simple steps to selling exactly what your audience wants, every time. Learn four simple steps that will allow you to reverse engineer the entire process. Know exactly what your audience wants to buy from you on your webinar.


Module 2 - Hell-Yeah Headlines and Registration Pages: Hook your ideal audience with conversion crazy headlines. Learn the building blocks of high converting headlines and registration pages. Create the perfect hook.


Module 3 - The Four Step Selling System: Four proven steps to structuring your webinars for sensational sales. How you structure and present your webinar can make the difference between getting zero sales and getting a solid conversion number. Includes sample slide decks that you can follow to success. Learn a simple four step system I have used to sell our products like hot cakes.


Module 4 - The Sign-Up Stampede: How to get people out-of-their-minds excited to sign up and show up every time. An overview of the 3 P’s of webinar traffic and when to use them. Get email swipe copy examples to make sure you send signup inducing emails to your following.


Module 5 - Double Your Show-up Rates: Learn why a poor show-up rate is one of the biggest holes in your webinar funnel, the #1 evergreen strategy for getting more people to show up, and six different tactics to increase your show-up rate.


Module 6 - Present Like a Pro: Learn how to give a live webinar presentation that is so engaging, your audience has to stay until the end (and your offer). Avoid the common mistakes that sabotage your webinar and steps to prepare before you go live.


Module 7 - Fortune in the Follow-up: If done right, 70% of your sales will come after your webinar is over. Learn the three pillars of effective webinar follow-up. Includes email swipe examples and follow-up templates.


Module 8 - Knowing Your Numbers to Scale Up: Learn the key metrics that will allow you to comfortably spend more in advertising to scale up your webinar attendance and revenue.


Module 9 - Webinar Lead Magnets and Indoctrination: Stop flushing your Facebook advertising dollars down the drain by sending people, who have no idea who you are, straight to your webinar. Learn how to build a simple lead generation system to get the right people to your webinars for less.


Module 10 - Hosting JV Webinars: Learn how to approach potential partners to reach new audiences and expand your business using webinars. Where to find partners, what affiliate tools to use, and the flow of a joint venture webinar are all covered here.


Module 11 - Facebook Advertising for Webinars: Learn how to leverage Facebook paid traffic to fill your webinars without breaking the bank. Click-by-click, step-by-step screenshare tutorials that will show you exactly how to set up the three types of webinar Facebook ads. This could be a course by itself!


Module 12 - Automated Webinar Funnels: Create a simple and repeatable automated webinar to build your audience and make sales on autopilot. Learn the pros and cons of automated webinars, when and why to use them, the tools needed to build one, and some extra considerations that are only for automated webinars.


This Isn't Another Info Product

This is an intimate school of webinar learning with the kind of direct support you need to build your SPECIFIC webinar for your SPECIFIC business. In addition to the 12 step-by-step multimedia masterclasses you will have access to…


A private Facebook community where you can network with other potential joint venture partners, get group support, and ask a specific question and get an answer within 24 hours (except weekends)


Monthly group coaching and Q&A sessions to continue your learning and ask questions live

office hours_175x175

Monthly open office hours to ask questions and overcome any challenges

guest lecturer

Regular guest lectures with other experts in the webinar marketing space


The Webinar Vault with over 40 cheat sheets, headline templates, email swipe copy, slide deck examples and much more


The Technology Center with a robust library of all the latest webinar software and tools


All future updates to the program as long as you are a member


How Much Does it Cost?

You would expect this experience to cost a TON of money, right?


After all, you’re going to be learning to build your own webinar funnels and then actually developing them, with our help.


Having a marketing agency build a webinar funnel for you would easily cost at least $20,000, so this kind of learning experience must also cost a ton.


Not true.


You can get started with the experience for only $1,497…


For literally a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing agency, you can learn EVERYTHING you need to do it yourself.


Could you figure this stuff out yourself?


It’s possible.


But let’s be honest. You’ll spend hundreds of hours, make costly mistakes, and maybe never get it right.


Or you could hire a marketing agency to do it for you. If you want to spend that kind of cash, you go right ahead. Just remember that they’re also going to charge you a ridiculous amount and keep charging you every time you want to change something.


Or you could do NOTHING. But what will that cost your business and lifestyle in sacrificed opportunities?




You could invest as little as $1,497 and unleash the power of webinars in your business.


You could do it right the FIRST time, without the costly mistakes.


The choice is yours. As a smart entrepreneur, I already know what choice you'll make.

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You Have
TWO Special Offers:

Webinar Mastery Academy PRO (Normally $1,497)

• 12 Module Webinar Mastery Academy Program

• Exclusive Online Community

• Monthly Group Coaching

acceptable payment methods_375x66

Webinar Mastery Academy ELITE (Normally $2,497)

• 12 Module Webinar Mastery Academy Program

• Exclusive Online Community

• Monthly Group Coaching

• Review Your Webinar

• 2-Intensive Strategy Calls

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Have Questions?

I'm Removing All the Risk for You

30 day guarantee

You understand the power of hosting webinars in your business. You have seen it working for others. You know the kind of income and impact you can make with webinars.


So don’t decide right now if the Webinar Mastery Academy is right for you. Join now. Go through the program yourself for 30 days. Go through all the masterclasses. Attend a group learning session. Download your example slide decks and swipe files.


If you love The Academy, great! I look forward to serving you as your teacher. If not, simply send me a online email within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money within 24 hours (except weekends) and we can part as friends.


I am removing all the risk for you.

What Are Others Saying About Jon?

Aaron LeBauer

Raleigh Latham


It's Time to Make Your Decision

You have a choice. Continue struggling to make the kind of income and impact you want.


Or take a new action and get a new result.


Now is the time...Join the Webinar Mastery Academy Today!

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Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there is a monthly payment plan for both Webinar Mastery Academy Pro and Elite

What if I sign up and decide this is not for me?

Go through the program yourself for 30 days. If you love The Academy, great! I look forward to serving you as your teacher. If not, simply send me a online email within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money within 24 hours (except weekends).

Can you guarantee results?

No, of course not. I don’t know you individually, yet. This is not a “get rich quick” program. There is work involved and if you don't do the work, you won’t get the results.

I am not good at the technology, is this for me?

While it helps to have the technology skills or have someone on your team handle the technology, The Academy does have a technology center to assist you in selecting your webinar software, your microphone, your webcam, and your other online business tools.

I don’t have a product yet, will this program work for me?

Yes! You already have a product. You. Webinars are a perfect tool for launching a brand new program and even fulfilling that program using webinars as live classes. I have personally presold 5 different programs using webinars and so can you.

I don’t have a large email list, can I still get results?

While it certainly helps to have a larger, engaged email list, we all need to start somewhere. When I hosted my first sales webinar, I had a list of a couple hundred people. I was still able to make my first two thousand dollars and have only grown from there. Webinars are also one of the best online tools for building your email list and for joint venturing with other partners.

How does this program work?

There are 12 core learning classes in The Academy. The first seven are your core pillars for creating a professional level webinar campaign. Modules 812 are focused on scaling your business using webinars. The core modules are learn at your own pace. We meet each month for a group coaching and Q&A session and for open office hours for more questions. I also host regular guest lectures with other experts in webinar marketing. This is a group learning program not a one and done info product.

What kind of coaching will I get in this program?

We meet each month for a group coaching and Q&A session and for open office hours for more questions. You can also get coaching in the private Facebook group at any time.

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